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Remember the scene in "Beauty and the Beast" where Beast shows her the library? I still want that library and have been collecting and, of course, reading books of all types just in case. Later I realized it would also come in handy in the event of a zombie apocalypse because you never know when you might want to read a good book or bonk a zombie on the head with one. (Don’t actually do that, you might hurt the book. I’m also being told I have to include a disclaimer that zombies aren’t real, and definitely don’t hit them with books because they don’t like that.) My tastes in books run the gamut from books I loved when I was a kid, to the book I just finished last night at 4:30 in the morning because I just couldn’t stop, which to be fair is most of the time. If you want to talk to me about books, just look for the woman in a nerdy shirt and wear a rosebud in your lapel. (Unless you’re a zombie. Then, you’re out of luck.)

A Cozy Read

Take a mystery that needs solving, add a cute punny title, and usually an adorable animal sidekick, and you will probably end up with a cozy mystery (just hope that you're not the victim who got murdered). To be honest, I had no idea that's what these kind of books were called. The first one I remember picking up was "Mum's the Word" by Kate Collins (and yes, of course it's on this list…

When a friend is accused of murdering her fiancée, Audrey dives in to help, and not just because the bouquet she made was found at the scene. This series gives you the interesting meanings behind certain flowers, which isn't something I thought I needed to know till I read them. Sadly, it does seem to end after the three books, but they are a good read.
You would think finding out you're a witch would be really cool, and you'd be right. Unfortunately, there are always rules and one of the rules is that you can't use the wishes for yourself. (So unfair.) You also can't use your wishes to find out who the real murderer is when your aunt's boyfriend was found standing over the dead lady. But if you're a curious sort who demands justice, then you don't need wishes, do you?
Finding a dead guy in your shop would be a bad day. Having him holding onto one of your magic potion bottles, worse. The cop who shows up to investigate being your ex? Yeah, you might as well just go home for the day. But, Carly has to find out who really killed the man in her shop because there aren't any potions or witchy tricks to get her out of this one.
Best friends Mel and Angie finally have their dream of owning their own cupcake shop with their silent partner and other best friend Tate. Naturally, Tate asks them to make the wedding cupcakes for his wedding to not-so-nice Christie. But, life takes a turn for the crazy when Christie dies while taste testing Mel’s cupcakes, and suspicion falls on her. Can she find out who really did it before the over timer is up? Each book finishes with the recipes for each cupcake mentioned and they all sound delicious.

Picture Book Party

How many books do I have to read to you before you go to sleep?

So far, the answer is five. Luckily, they don't have to be the same book five times. (Yet.)

<p>Everyone has a dream, and Brontorina's dream is to be a ballerina. But, can a dinosaur do a plié?</p>
<p>Dewey Bob is a collector of many things, like buttons and special memories. One day he collects something extra special, a friend who is special in a different way.</p>
<p>What really happens when you give a mouse a cookie? A never-ending cycle of that little mouse asking for more, more, more. But, can you turn down such a cute little critter in tiny overalls? (Probably not.)</p>
<p>Tacky isn't your regular penguin. He's boisterous and wild where his friends are... not. In the end, his being different saves the day.</p>

The Book vs. Movie Debate

I know what you're thinking. "She works in a library, so of course she'll say the book was better." Right? Well... sometimes. Sometimes, the book is better than the movie ever could be, and other times the movie is just so wonderful that you wonder why the author didn't include that part in their book. Whether you've read the book years before the movie was even a thought, or only read…

<p>I actually really liked the movie and was sad to hear that there would not be a sequel. This one is really a toss up because you get more depth with the books than the one movie, but I'm still going to have to give it to the movie.</p>
<p>Some of the books/movies on this list are really tough to choose between. Others... not so much. The books are amazing, and I try really hard to just pretend like the movie never existed. The book wins times infinity.</p>
<p>I'm stretching a bit because the series isn't a movie, but it's alright. Why? Because the winner is actually the show. And, so are all of us because we don't have to wait till GRR Martin comes out with the next book. We'll probably find out on the show well before then. The show is incredibly well cast, the scenery is very pretty, and it sticks pretty close the books.</p>
<p>I really like the movie because it's a nice sneaky way to introduce kids to the world of Jules Verne, and I admire sneakiness. I'm giving this one to the movie.</p>


From the towering presence of the Brachiosaurus (who could live for a hundred years!) to the tiny arms of a Tyrannosaurus Rex (that could bench press 400 pounds each), dinosaurs have been a favorite of children and adults alike since forever, really. And, if you're a fan of random facts like I am, then get ready because these books are full of random dinosaur facts!

<p>The T Rex doesn't have the tiniest arms. That award goes to Canotaurus.</p>
<p>Most long necked dinosaurs had a gas producing bacteria in their stomachs to help with their high fiber diet, which would make them toot very often.</p>
<p>The first dinosaur bones ever discovered belonged to Megalosaurus and weren't found until the 1820s.</p>
<p>Mary Anning (1799-1847) was one of the most famous of all fossil hunters. However, she was never taken as seriously as she should have been because she was a woman from a poor background when most scientists were men from wealthy families.</p>

I Thought I was a Teenage...

School, homework, chores, maybe an annoying sibling. Pimples, crushes and video games. You think it’s a normal, boring life until... You find out you’re not! You’re a wizard Harry! Or maybe you’re an elf, or a demigod, or something entirely different! This list might not help you muddle your way through whatever discovery you just made about yourself, but maybe reading about their…

<p>Where to begin with Harry? “Every child in our world will know his name.” I don’t think Professor McGonagall knew how true her words would be. I still have the same amount of excitement and love for this series now rereading them over and over till my copies fall apart as I did when I received this book as a gift, just with lots more memories and love. (If I could, I might put HP on every one of my lists.) This is, of course, the first book in the series.</p>
<p>I’ve always liked Greek mythology and was shocked to find out that I’d been missing out on this series long enough for them to make a movie of it. This is also the first book in the series, and I also recommend the other series by Rick Riordan because he doesn’t end Percy’s adventures here. There are also characters overlapping in all the series, which is why I recommend starting with this one although you won’t be lost at all if you start with another.</p>
<p>I first picked up the second book in this series and, after reading the back, looked for the first one and immediately checked it out. I obviously love fantasy, and this is a wonderfully vivid world to visit. It just keeps getting better the farther into the series you go. At some points, Sophie is just very confusing, and very confused. But, throughout the series, friendship is a very important element to the books. The sixth book just came out this November so you could binge read all of them!</p>
<p>This is a wonderful beginning to the series. Jack is a likeable character and has normal teen problems. Then, suddenly, he has mysteries to unravel and stories to learn. Who doesn’t love a good mystery especially when they add magic into the mix? There is also a light smattering of history mixed in but not too much. Wizard history is so much more interesting anyways. (Just not too much, because it’s still history.)</p>

Fantasy Faves

Dragons, wizards, hobgoblins and beasties! I love them all, and I also enjoy pretending to be them. (Being a dragon is a lot harder than you'd think. My eyebrows never did grow back properly.) Whether you've always wanted to be a wizard, or a demigod, a werebeastie, or a tiny little green alien who lives in a swamp, this list might be for you, fellow fantasy fan!

<p>In a galaxy far far away, this was the very beginning. (Yes, yes, I know it's not the chronological beginning, but it was the beginning for most of us.)</p>
<p>Who are The Undying? Why did they disappear? Aliens and a mystery? (And a dash of romance.) Yes please. I read this one last night and am still thinking about it. I am also irritated that I have to wait for a sequel now. Join me!</p>
<p>Four is an alien hiding on Earth, and this is the first book in the series. It is one of my favorite fantasy series. The later books introduce more characters but just enough to keep it interesting and not overwhelm you with trying to remember who is who. There is also an adorable animal companion, a little beagle named Bernie Kosar, who is named after a football player. I'm a sucker for animal companions especially when they save the day.</p>
<p>This is not your ordinary retelling of "Sherlock Holmes." For one thing, Warlock is a demon summoning sometimes consultant for Scotland Yard, and Watson is his roommate, helper, sometimes his conscience, and a complete novice when it comes to magic. The combination of a classic and magic is just absolutely wonderful. That this book also has a sense of humor just makes it even better.</p>