Picture Book Party

Picture Book Party

A list by Alayna, Customer Service Specialist

How many books do I have to read to you before you go to sleep?

So far, the answer is five. Luckily, they don't have to be the same book five times. (Yet.)


Everyone has a dream, and Brontorina's dream is to be a ballerina. But, can a dinosaur do a plié?

Dewey Bob is a collector of many things, like buttons and special memories. One day he collects something extra special, a friend who is special in a different way.

What really happens when you give a mouse a cookie? A never-ending cycle of that little mouse asking for more, more, more. But, can you turn down such a cute little critter in tiny overalls? (Probably not.)

Tacky isn't your regular penguin. He's boisterous and wild where his friends are... not. In the end, his being different saves the day.

While I enjoyed these when I was growing up, this one is still a favorite. After all, most kids are messy in one way or another. In the end though, that organized closet pleases the adult me greatly.

Kelp doesn't quite fit in with his family of narwhals but they love him anyway. One day he finds himself at the surface and spies a land narwhal!

Who doesn't love Little Bear?

These days, I don't know if I would trust a really big cat in a hat, but that would have been one of the greatest days. (You can't have a picture book list without a Dr. Seuss classic on it. You just can't.)

Leopold the giraffe is used to being the king of the zoo, until one day he sees a weird little floaty head that looks like him! A balloon. An enemy. It must be destroyed! But, then Leopold feels bad because he popped a kid's balloon out of jealousy and has to make it up to the kid. It just proves we all get jealous, even giraffes.

He might seem a bit full of himself at first, but inside Escargot's slimy shell is a big heart. One of the scariest things for Escargot is not being your favorite French snail, and also... carrots! Will Escargot become your favorite animal? Will he ever give carrots a chance?

I like raccoons. I like pizza. So naturally I like a good secret pizza party. Especially if it's a pizza party involving a raccoon in a trench coat and hat.

Dude! Dude? DUDE!

You can never go wrong with dragons and penguins. A lonely dragon finds a penguin's egg and becomes it's mommy and loves her penguin very much. But, one day, all the parents are gone and dangers looms, and the only one that can save the dragons is Little One. But who will save Little One when all the other dragons fly away?

Not only is Chilly Da Vinci an inventive thinker, but the artwork is amazing. Only Chilly's inventing will get them back to their home island before Mr. Plumpy Fin gets to bite them. Yes, it was his fault that their little iceberg broke off, but that is beside the point.

Is it really a life of crime if it involves books? (They're telling me I have to say yes. Fine, be that way.) A bunny that loves books starts thieving them and leaving half eaten carrots behind. What will they do to Ralfy when they catch him?

Having a prickly friend like Bear must be hard on Mouse, but he keeps trying to find him a book to read, until Bear gets upset and gets shushed by the librarian. What will Bear do then?

A really cute way of showing girls we can do anything we want to, no matter what.

I'm supposed to be saying something, but right now, all I can think of is bacon.

It's tough being a cupcake. What do you do when everyone gets tired of your seemingly perfect cupcakey self? Show them that you too have secrets like the real color of your frosting.

Hermelin is a sweet little finder of a mouse, and when people discover just who it is helping them find their lost things, they're not very nice. But, one of them is different and they become a team. I'm really hoping there might be a sequel out to this one eventually.

It's just a cute story about the two statues who live outside the New York library who come to life at night, and one of them is missing and must be found before anyone notices.

Will Baby Groot ever get to go to sleep? Not until he saves the world one more time. Bonus: there are hidden Ant Mans throughout the book. Can you find them all?

Bird and Giraffe are not friends. You can ask them, they'll tell you. But, what happens when they get fed up with each other, and then they're all alone?

I just really like the message in this book. Jim tries to make what he did right, and in the end comes up with a great solution to help his friends and the planet.

What does a book loving bunny do when he's craving a good read and the library is closed? Break in through the book drop, of course. After collecting a few dozen books to take home, his friends wonder where he went, and then they want to go to the library too! (Trying to get Bear to fit through the book drop is a challenge.) But, what happens when they all have their little noses in a book? They get caught! What will the librarian do?

We all have fears, but deep down, we also have bravery. Sometimes it just takes a friend in need to get us there.

How could anyone not want to be friends with a unicorn? It just doesn't make any sense but the unicorn looks high and low for a friend, and doesn't find anyone. And, then, the unicorn loses it's colors! Can anyone help him? Crayons can!

The Book Hog loves books-sniffing them, collecting them and looking at them. But The Book Hog has a secret, and his secret is that he can't read. One day his book sniffing nose leads him to the library and he finds even more books, and, more importantly, someone to teach him how to read the books he loves so very much.

Darth Vader isn't afraid! No, definitely not. Not scared of the dark, or vampires, or ghosts. Not even the ghost of Obi-Wan. Nope. So what does scare Darth Vader? You won't believe it.

What does a little witch do when she's lonely? Creates a potion that will give her a friend. But, just to be safe, she made the potion extra powerful and makes lots of friends! But, while it's fun at first to have so many fuzzy buddies, she starts getting frustrated and gets out the dreaded vacuum! All her fluffy feline friends vamoose! But now... she's lonely again. Will she ever find her kitty companions?

What's cuter than a crab making cakes for all his fishy friends? The cute little crab working together with his fishy friends to clear a bunch of junk out of their reef. A cute message to stop polluting, complete with cake. (Sadly, no cake for us humans.)

Who doesn't love a holiday? When the humans go away for a while, the forest animals take a little holiday in their house, baking cookies, watching TV and one teenage bear that just will not leave the bathroom! But, even they get tired of vacation after a while and want to go home. (But they'll be back next year!)

It's time for bed for a little octopus, but baby octopus thinks that means it's time for his parents to get ready for bed, and he's glad to help them, especially if it means bubbles. Lots of bubbles.

Do you know what I am? A rhyming board book with cute art and fun rhymes.

..now that song is stuck in my head.

"Rock-a-bye, T. rex, in the tree top When your feet stomp, the mountains do rock You give a big yawn, that means it’s nightfall So home you come, dino—claws, teeth, and all."

When Whobert Whoever finds Perry the Possum prone on the forest floor, he sets out to find out who the culprit is. But so intent on his mission, he misses the biggest clue of them all.

It's no secret I like cats, and if this had been a book when I was learning my numbers, it probably would have helped a lot, because counting cats is always fun.

I started reading this one and all I could think was how a penguin would look eating a marshmallow. Not even a roasty toasty one, just a regular one. It has pretty artwork, and a cute story, and now you know why my google history wondered if penguins eat marshmallows.

I like this one because it's a very sneaky way to get Natalie to give reading another chance.

A little green alien pug (with antennae they call floofers) gets sent to earth to conquer the planet, but after learning the power dogs have and about the magic of bacon, will he in fact take over?

He just ate his friend. Will you be his new friend? (My advice? Say Rrrooar!)

Overall it's just a really cute book, and sometimes it takes a special friend to see who you really are.

When a home for shy and fearful cats opens up, will Crumb the cat find a home and his bravery?

Olivia loves her red sweater and wears it all the time. But when it gets too small for her, her baby brother starts wearing it and drooling all over it! What will Olivia do?

Kitties love to climb. They've climbed everything on their island so naturally, what's next? Dino island and the dinos!

It makes me wonder how many stuffed animals are secretly aliens.

Even when we have to go to work, we're still thinking about you, kiddo.