A Cozy Read

A Cozy Read

A list by Alayna, Customer Service Specialist

Take a mystery that needs solving, add a cute punny title, and usually an adorable animal sidekick, and you will probably end up with a cozy mystery (just hope that you're not the victim who got murdered). To be honest, I had no idea that's what these kind of books were called. The first one I remember picking up was "Mum's the Word" by Kate Collins (and yes, of course it's on this list!), and I said to myself, "I see what you did there, flowers, puns, you sneaky monkey you." I flipped the book over because the title made me smile, and reading the blurb of murder and a possible romance with a sexy ex cop had me hooked, and I've just been falling down the cozy mystery rabbit hole ever since.

So, if you want a mystery that keeps you interested, kick back in a comfy chair, grab the toasty beverage of your choice, a warm blanket, and curl up with a nice cozy read. Maybe your pet will come over to join you and you two can be armchair sleuths together. And, after, if you find yourself inspired by the books, (not the murder part, please) you can try out a recipe included in some of the books and eat a tasty treat while you read the next book in the series.



When a friend is accused of murdering her fiancée, Audrey dives in to help, and not just because the bouquet she made was found at the scene. This series gives you the interesting meanings behind certain flowers, which isn't something I thought I needed to know till I read them. Sadly, it does seem to end after the three books, but they are a good read.

You would think finding out you're a witch would be really cool, and you'd be right. Unfortunately, there are always rules and one of the rules is that you can't use the wishes for yourself. (So unfair.) You also can't use your wishes to find out who the real murderer is when your aunt's boyfriend was found standing over the dead lady. But if you're a curious sort who demands justice, then you don't need wishes, do you?

Finding a dead guy in your shop would be a bad day. Having him holding onto one of your magic potion bottles, worse. The cop who shows up to investigate being your ex? Yeah, you might as well just go home for the day. But, Carly has to find out who really killed the man in her shop because there aren't any potions or witchy tricks to get her out of this one.

Best friends Mel and Angie finally have their dream of owning their own cupcake shop with their silent partner and other best friend Tate. Naturally, Tate asks them to make the wedding cupcakes for his wedding to not-so-nice Christie. But, life takes a turn for the crazy when Christie dies while taste testing Mel’s cupcakes, and suspicion falls on her. Can she find out who really did it before the over timer is up? Each book finishes with the recipes for each cupcake mentioned and they all sound delicious.

A librarian solving murders. Who could ask for anything more? This series is filled with wonderful side characters like Milton, an 80 year old who likes to talk while standing on his head; Ms. Cole, or The Lemon as they call her, the classic grumpy librarian who hates change and therefore the main character; and Sully, the boat captain who makes Lindsey's heart go pitty-pat.

Full of description and kitty cat hairs, this book will have your whiskers twitching. A determined main character who finds a stray kitty who’s smarter than his own good. After trying to convince her boss that their library needs a book mobile, Minnie’s request is granted after receiving a large donation. Minnie sets off and finds a stowaway, Eddie the cat. At the end of a good first day, Eddie leads Minnie to a dead person and a mystery waiting to be solved, and Eddie won't take no for an answer.

I haven't actually read this one. Yet!

Filled with a variety of characters and suspects and murder, this one has a few twists. Some were a little more expected than others, but it was still a good read. Downside, this one has no cute animal sidekick.

This entire town is full of superstitious people, until Sabrina moves to town. Luckily for her, Hitchcock the Bad Luck Cat is there for her when her aunt is accused of murder and Sabrina has to find the real culprit. Hitchcock is the real star of this series constantly showing up places he shouldn't be.

I was interested in this one from the beginning, because the animal sidekick is a Maine Coon cat named Diesel that Charlie walks on a leash.

There are a lot of things you could protest, but animals wearing clothes was a new one to me. Naturally, the protester is the one who ends up dead at the back of the shop, and Izzy has to investigate when blame falls on her best friend, Rena.

A slightly different beginning to a series, the main character Sarah isn't at first trying to solve the murder; she's trying to keep an eye on three lovely older ladies who are trying to clear their friend's name and just gets sucked into it. Add in the old flame element and a delightful cat named Elvis who's too smart for his own good, and you've got yourself a fun beginning to a series.

One of the first cozy mysteries I read, Abby is immediately likeable and probably a little too curious for her own good. This is the first book of the 19 book series, and I'm sure Abby will be back for more shenanigans soon. If you've always wanted to own a flower shop, get involved with a sexy ex cop and solve murders, then this book series is for you.