The Book vs. Movie Debate

The Book vs. Movie Debate

A list by Alayna, Customer Service Specialist

I know what you're thinking. "She works in a library, so of course she'll say the book was better." Right? Well... sometimes. Sometimes, the book is better than the movie ever could be, and other times the movie is just so wonderful that you wonder why the author didn't include that part in their book. Whether you've read the book years before the movie was even a thought, or only read it because of the movie, or didn't even know that this movie you love so much is based on a book, you have become a part of a very large debate between many different camps. But we're not going to get into that. Oh no. That, my friends, is a big can of worms that we don't have time for today. No, this list is just my opinion about which movies blow their books out of the water, hold their own, or go down in a blaze of shame and should possibly never ever be made into movies again. Ever.


I actually really liked the movie and was sad to hear that there would not be a sequel. This one is really a toss up because you get more depth with the books than the one movie, but I'm still going to have to give it to the movie.

Some of the books/movies on this list are really tough to choose between. Others... not so much. The books are amazing, and I try really hard to just pretend like the movie never existed. The book wins times infinity.

I'm stretching a bit because the series isn't a movie, but it's alright. Why? Because the winner is actually the show. And, so are all of us because we don't have to wait till GRR Martin comes out with the next book. We'll probably find out on the show well before then. The show is incredibly well cast, the scenery is very pretty, and it sticks pretty close the books.

I really like the movie because it's a nice sneaky way to introduce kids to the world of Jules Verne, and I admire sneakiness. I'm giving this one to the movie.

While I enoyed the book, the movie really brought these characters to life for me so it's always going to be the winner.

This is still one of my favorites. I love both the book and the movie. But hands down, the book is the winner.

Now my opinion on this one might just start a fight, but I'm going to risk it. The cast is absolutely perfect and it is such an amazingly put together movie so the movie wins. I also recommend reading "As You Wish" by Cary Elwes, which gives the movie-lovers an inside peek into making the movie.

I love the book I do, but Gene Wilder was a huge part of my childhood and not just for this movie. And, really, who didn't want to go to that little candy park, eat too far much, and listen to Oompa Loompas sing? Gene Wilder was the perfect choice for Willy Wonka, and, therefore, the movie gets first place, the book gets second, and we will never speak of the abomination that came out in 2005.

A lot of these are actually really tough to choose between because I love both the book and the movie, and "The Wizard of Oz" is one of those tough choices. In the end though, the movie wins for the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," and the books win because the universe is so expansive. There are also a lot of interesting stories behind the movie that are fascinating to discover.

I enjoyed both the book and the movie especially because both are so visually pleasing. But, I have a soft spot for Disney movies so the movie gets the win.

This is of course a tough choice for any fantasy fan. The movies are all well done, but did there really need to be three of them? If you ask Peter Jackson, the answer is most likely "No." he probably wanted more than that. I'm actually going to give this one to the lesser known animated film. I don't think the book will mind though since neither movie would exist without it.

I love the movies and the books almost equally. To split the difference, I am giving the audio book some much deserved attention.

The BFG is a wonderful story with some of the cutest illustrations around. I don't have a strong opinion about the 2016 movie, but I do love the animated movie. The BFG was one of my favorite books when I was little, and I still like to read it every now and then. So, the book is always going to be the winner.

I admit it, I wanted to be like Matilda. A little girl who loves to read who discovers she has powers! Oh man, the shenanigans I would have gotten into. (Well, more interesting shenanigans anyways.) I'd been planning to declare the book the winner, but then I found out that there is an eAudiobook voiced by Kate Winslet, and she does an amazing job of narrating it. The book is really the winner, but I do recommend checking out this version as well.

While I love the show, and thoroughly enjoyed both the plots and the delightful eye candy it provided, it did deviate from the books especially at the end. I don't expect them to stick entirely to the books in all things, but who Sookie ends up with? Yeah, kind of a big deal to the reader.

If there had been more movies than just the one, my answer might be different. But there's not, so naturally it's the book. The movie is awesome though.

I tried repeatedly to read the books when I was a kid, but for some reason I could never make it through all of them. (I've successfully read the series a few times since then.) Apparently neither could the movies, although there might be another one out someday. Until that time though, I think the movies were more interesting to me so they'll be declared the winner in this round.

Here is another example of sneakily turning a classic book into a movie, and one of my favorites to boot. I must give it to the movie though, because cute animated critters always win in the end.

Although I did like both the movies and am sad that there won't be any more unless they reboot it, the books have so much more to offer and enjoy. And, now there's the "Heroes of Olympus" and "Magus Chase," too. Of course, the books win.

I bet you were wondering if I'd include Harry and which I'd choose, the books or the movies? Of course, it's the books! Each movie could have been four hours long with three hours of extra features, and it still wouldn't be enough for us, the probably a-little-too-attached HP fan. (The movies are wonderful though.) This edition of the book gets the attention because it's illustrated, and the illustrations are wonderful.

As much as I enjoy the books by Cressida Cowell, I still have to give it to the movies because they are just so well done. I am both extremely excited and nervous for the next movie because I just don't want to give up Toothless.