Fantasy Faves

Fantasy Faves

A list by Alayna, Customer Service Specialist

Dragons, wizards, hobgoblins and beasties! I love them all, and I also enjoy pretending to be them. (Being a dragon is a lot harder than you'd think. My eyebrows never did grow back properly.) Whether you've always wanted to be a wizard, or a demigod, a werebeastie, or a tiny little green alien who lives in a swamp, this list might be for you, fellow fantasy fan!


In a galaxy far far away, this was the very beginning. (Yes, yes, I know it's not the chronological beginning, but it was the beginning for most of us.)

Who are The Undying? Why did they disappear? Aliens and a mystery? (And a dash of romance.) Yes please. I read this one last night and am still thinking about it. I am also irritated that I have to wait for a sequel now. Join me!

Four is an alien hiding on Earth, and this is the first book in the series. It is one of my favorite fantasy series. The later books introduce more characters but just enough to keep it interesting and not overwhelm you with trying to remember who is who. There is also an adorable animal companion, a little beagle named Bernie Kosar, who is named after a football player. I'm a sucker for animal companions especially when they save the day.

This is not your ordinary retelling of "Sherlock Holmes." For one thing, Warlock is a demon summoning sometimes consultant for Scotland Yard, and Watson is his roommate, helper, sometimes his conscience, and a complete novice when it comes to magic. The combination of a classic and magic is just absolutely wonderful. That this book also has a sense of humor just makes it even better.

Mercedes Thompson (Mercy for short) is a coyote shifter, surrounded by magic, werewolves, and vampires. Oh my! She is also a VW mechanic. (She's heard the joke a million times, a VW mechanic named Mercedes.) I love the world Patricia Briggs has created, and not just because it takes place for the most part in Tri-Cities (although that does add a thrill.) Mercy is snarky, sometimes rude, but always interesting.

The obsession with wizards began long before Harry Potter or even Harry Dresden came along. Gandalf and his antics were the beginning. Nasty little hobbitses, a greedy dragon, and grumpy dwarves? I'd go on that adventure and still do every time I re-read it, and LotR.

Eragon has the potential to become a classic. A poor farm boy left in the dark about family secrets finds a mysterious blue stone in the woods no one else will go in. He tries to sell it for food for his family, but luckily he is unsuccessful. Behold, a dragon is born! This is the beginning of a four book series, and it's pretty impressive not even taking into account that the author wrote this when he as a teenager.

Harry Dresden, wizard PI. Comes complete with a feisty cat named Mister, Bob the talking skull who likes bodice ripper romances, and a whole bunch of snark. "Storm Front" is the first book in the series of 17 and now is the perfect time to dive on in. All hail the Za Lord!

The 15th book in this series is about to release, and while it isn't the best in the series, Rosemary and Rue introduces a wonderfully made world with great characters and I mowed through the first three books in a day.

A family of cryptozoologists that try to save humans from scary critters, and sometimes save the critters from scary humans. If that's not enough to pique your interest, perhaps the talking mice will.