Veronica - Page Supervisor/ Homebound Coordinator

"Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them." Lemony Snickett

I was the child that got in trouble for reading with a flashlight when I was supposed to be sleeping. Now I am the adult that has a blatant disregard for proper bedtime because I'd rather be reading. I love reading books with my kids. We tend to use audiobooks so we can all listen and experience them together. You can find us most evenings driving around listening to our books! 

Picture Books for All

These titles cover all sorts of topics that just touched my heart and made me smile. I hope they do the same for you. 

This story is beautifully done.
Kindness and friendship can be found all around us.
Such a fun story!
This story is so cute! Who can resist chonky cats?

Graphic Novels Are Great

Admittedly, I have not read many graphic novels. This is me branching out and trying something new. Come along for the journey! 

<p>This is NOT for children. Very visually appealing, and if you love Greek gods, then this is the graphic novel for you!</p>
<p>I LOVE this story! I am eagerly awaiting the second book to come out. The visuals of anxiety in this story are so spot on. I was thoroughly emotionally invested in this story. I hope it's one that you enjoy as well!</p>
<p>Such a fun little graphic novel. I love the illustrations and how these flow so great between books.</p>

Picture This

Picture books that melted my heart, brought a tear to my eye, or made me laugh. Sometimes all of the above! 

Beautifully illustrated and the message is amazing. Definitely made me tear up.
Very cute. I loved the illustrations and the story.
Beautifully illustrated. This one got all of my feelings going.


Sometimes I find myself craving poetry. What I love the most about poetry, is that no two people will ever read and feel it the same way. These are the titles that spoke to my heart. 

So many poems in this work made me close the book, close my eyes, and just savor the words and let them flow through my mind.
I loved everything about this book. The illustrations, the poetry, all of it.
Just amazing. I felt all of the emotions reading this.
This book has definite triggers in it, however, it is powerful and beautifully done.

Hard Hitting

These reads hit pretty hard and left me in a book hangover for a while afterwards. 

Trigger warning: this book covers a very hard topic of grooming. I had to read this in bits and pieces. It's wonderfully done and captures the trauma and recovery very well.
An inside look at what is happening far too often around our borders.
A look inside the lives of youth living in tough conditions in Africa. The resilience in this book is nothing short of inspiring.
This book shows the resilience and determination of a mother's love and protection of her child.

Read With the Lights ON

Creepy crawly reads that may or may not keep you awake at night. 

I love reads that keep me guessing the entire time. This was one of them.
I loved the combination of history and thriller in this book. It kept me guessing and making the wrong predictions until the end.
I couldn't put my finger on who I thought was responsible until it was right in front of me.
I loved this book. It gave me "Haunting of Hill House" vibes the whole time, and it painted amazing imagery the entire time.

Lost in the Pages

Escape into some of these wonderful reads. Historical fiction, fantasy, mythology, and more. These are some of the titles that were impossible to put down. 

I was absolutely encompassed in this book. Beautifully written.
This story will forever hold a place in my heart.
I adored this title. I laughed out loud, got angry, and cried with the characters in this story.
I thoroughly enjoyed being transported to the past with this book.

Adventure Is Out There!

Enjoy these family friendly series full of adventure! 

Acceptance in all shapes and sizes in this book. Plus, all of the adventure and mystery! A wonderful series to read or listen to.
A fun twist on classic children’s fairy tales. Full of adventure, family, and love. Absolutely fell in love with the characters from my childhood all over again.
Wonderfully read audiobook by Jim Dale. This series left us immersed in the world of Harry Potter. We were not ready for it to end.
Mythical creatures and Greek gods come to life in this series. We were so invested and intrigued while reading this series that we found ourselves researching creatures and gods to learn more.