Adventure Is Out There!

Adventure Is Out There!

A list by Veronica, Page Supervisor/ Homebound Coordinator
August 25th, 2021

Enjoy these family friendly series full of adventure! 


Acceptance in all shapes and sizes in this book. Plus, all of the adventure and mystery! A wonderful series to read or listen to.

A fun twist on classic children’s fairy tales. Full of adventure, family, and love. Absolutely fell in love with the characters from my childhood all over again.

Wonderfully read audiobook by Jim Dale. This series left us immersed in the world of Harry Potter. We were not ready for it to end.

Mythical creatures and Greek gods come to life in this series. We were so invested and intrigued while reading this series that we found ourselves researching creatures and gods to learn more.

Magic, creatures, battle of good vs. evil, and secret societies. This book has it all!

This is a fun one for the older kids in the family. I had read this before, but listening to the audiobook with my kids was such a fun experience.

A twist on our beloved teddy bears.

The teddy saga continues with even more adventure!

This book had me laughing out loud!

I enjoyed this story so much!

I adore otters, so naturally, I love this book. It's such an informative read, but still maintains a great storyline.