Graphic Novels Are Great

Graphic Novels Are Great

A list by Veronica, Page Supervisor/ Homebound Coordinator

Admittedly, I have not read many graphic novels. This is me branching out and trying something new. Come along for the journey! 


This is NOT for children. Very visually appealing, and if you love Greek gods, then this is the graphic novel for you!

I LOVE this story! I am eagerly awaiting the second book to come out. The visuals of anxiety in this story are so spot on. I was thoroughly emotionally invested in this story. I hope it's one that you enjoy as well!

Such a fun little graphic novel. I love the illustrations and how these flow so great between books.

This story alone proves that words do not make a story. Such a wonderful graphic novel.

Such a great adventure story.

This one is for the adults. I laughed so hard and related to so many of these. Such a fun little book.

Such a powerful message in this story.

NOT for the little ones. This is for our young adult to adult audience.

This is a non-fiction title, but reads like a graphic novel. Such a powerful read.

Second book in the "Lightfall" saga. I loved this as much as I loved the first one. The world building in this story is wonderful.

I love magical adventures, and this is definitely one of those!

So, so, cute! I adored this read!!

Second in the series. Just as fun and beautiful to read. This is more of an adult or young adult read.