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Heyo! My name is Katelyn, I'm 23, and listening to audiobooks gets me through my 30 minute commute to work. The number of YA and Adult Romance books I’ve read is a mile long, but Jane Austen holds a special place in my heart. My love for reading started when my mom read "The Magic Treehouse" series to my brother and I as children, and now I am slowly making my way through every illustrated cover romance in existence. I have the honor of running the preschool storytime at the Kennewick branch and it has given me the opportunity to fall back in love with children's picture books! You can find me re-watching movies in the movie theater and binge-watching tv shows curled up under a blanket. I like my art neat and my kitchen messy, I'm a big fan of the Godzilla franchise, and thunderstorms remind me of my childhood home in the Midwest. And I love Goodreads almost as much as I love my dog.

Picture Books That Gave Me Chills

9 months ago

One of my favorite perks of my job is that I get to be a storytime provider and read to a crowd of kiddos every week! This means that I see my fair share of children's picture books, and I certainly have my favorites. However, this list is made of up picture books that have a meaningful message, a thoughtful twist, or heartfelt illustrations that have quite literally …

Self Love and Shelf Love (For the Kiddos)

1 year ago

As a storytime provider, I want to do my best to pick out books that uplift the young kiddos that attend storytime. Every child deserves to read books that encourage them to be themselves, to listen to their feelings, to have pride in their identity and culture, love the different parts of their body, and to feel a sense of confidence. Here is a list of self-love picture books…


1 year ago

One can never have too much plus-sized representation in media! As a plus-sized woman, I gravitate towards heroines that look like me and share the same experiences. Here are some books, movies, and TV shows that feature plus-sized women and lift up their voices. I have included some non-fiction books to read here as well!

Willowdean Dickson (played by Danielle Macdonald in the movie adaptation)
Millie Michalchuk (played by Maddie Baillio in the movie adaptation of Dumplin')
Faith Herbert
Molly Gordon played by Beanie Feldstein

Movies to Watch Until You Can Quote Them

1 month ago

This list of movie recommendations consists of my favorite movies, movies from my childhood, movies I thought were unique, movies that are stellar within their genre, and movies that never get tiring, no matter how many times you rewatch them. Hopefully, you'll find something in here that you've never seen before!

<p>This is one of my all time favorite movies, and I've watched this version over 25 times!</p>
<p>My family's favorite Christmas movie (we can quote practically the whole movie)</p>
<p>The best Kaiju movie franchise EVER</p>
<p>A weird but well written Kaiju movie</p>

"Soft" Fantasy and Sci-Fi

1 year ago

I enjoy what I like to call "soft" fantasy and science fiction books. "Soft" fantasy would be stories that include fantastical elements without the presence of hardcore fantasy elements such as dragons, elves, trolls, etc. Similarly, "soft" science fiction would be stories that include fictionally scientific elements without the intensity of aliens or sterilized dystopian worlds.…

Fantasy/Sci-Fi blend (this is the first book in one of my favorite series!)
Fantasy/Sci-Fi blend

Obsessed With Man's Best Friend (For the Kiddos)

2 weeks ago

As a kid, I was so obsessed with dogs that I had three dog-themed birthday parties in a row. And, frankly, I'm still obsessed, just in a healthy way. Here are a list of books I read that combined my two loves: reading and dogs. 

Literature Snob 101

2 years ago

If you like books that make you think critically about syntax, themes, symbolism, and other literary devices, you should 1) consider taking some college-level literature courses and 2) read from this list! This list consists of several of the books that I read and studied in order to achieve my Literature minor. Beware, some of these books contain strange, grotesque, violent, and…

One of my favorite books I've studied for a class

Plane Tickets Are Expensive

11 months ago

Yup, traveling isn't cheap, so why not transport yourself through a book? Fair warning: these books may make you want to travel even MORE. Here is a list of books that take place in other countries, states, or cities and describe the life and scenery so well that they leave the reader itching to buy a plane ticket!

Takes place in Ireland
Takes place in France
Takes place in Italy
Takes place in Ireland

Romance Books I Loved When I Was a Teenager (and Still Related to Other Teenagers)

11 months ago

Fun little story: I volunteered as a page in my high school's library and I re-shelved the books in the AAA-DOG section. This was how I was introduced to Sarah Dessen's YA romance books, and I was hooked from then on. If you enjoy YA romances that center around teenagers in high school, here is a list for you!

For those who like dating a mystery person on the Internet! (I know that sounds sketchy, but it's actually a great book)
For those who like Comic Con!
For those who like theatre and Shakespeare plays!
For those who like 24-hour romances and airports! (This is my all-time favorite YA romance!)

Romance Books for When You're in Your 20s (and Don't Relate to Teenagers Anymore)

1 year ago

Like romance? In your 20s? Can't relate to awkward and dramatic high schoolers? Also can't relate to full grown adults with their lives and careers figured out? This is the list for you! Here are some romance books that feature main characters in their 20s, in college, attending their friends' weddings, or starting their careers and falling/stumbling into love along…

For those who like workplace romances!
For those who like renaissance fairs!
For those who like fake dating! And science!
For those who like enemies to lovers!