Movies to Watch Until You Can Quote Them

Movies to Watch Until You Can Quote Them

A list by Katelyn, Customer Service Specialist

This list of movie recommendations consists of my favorite movies, movies from my childhood, movies I thought were unique, movies that are stellar within their genre, and movies that never get tiring, no matter how many times you rewatch them. Hopefully, you'll find something in here that you've never seen before!


This is one of my all time favorite movies, and I've watched this version over 30 times!

My family's favorite Christmas movie, I think I can quote the entire movie by heart

A successful Hollywood version of the best kaiju franchise of all time (okay I'm biased)

A weird but well written Kaiju movie

Trippy action and thriller staring the one and only Leo DiCaprio

For my fellow Jane Austen fans, this adaptation was really well done and surprisingly hilarious

Groundhog day meets horror movie

Halloween classic and in my opinion the best of the Addams Family franchise

Fantastic murder mystery based on the Agatha Christie book

Based off the Sci Fi book, a paradise for all things geek

A classic fantasy comedy with plenty of slapstick humor

A superhero movie with a more female gaze and plenty of great fight scenes

Western comedy with Johnny Depp

One of THE MOST quotable movies of all time

Rom com adaptation of Emma

Rom Com adaptation of Taming the Shrew

Rom Com adaptation of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

A phenomenally written and directed horror/thriller

Classic Disney movie with a fantastic soundtrack

Based on the book, 24 hour romance

Trippy sci-fi with time travel and space

Visually stunning fantasy series based off the books by JRR Tolkien

Historical fantasy- but who are we kidding, we're here for Taron Edgerton shooting arrows

Matt Damon tears it up in this Sci Fi movies based off the book

True story of Captain Sullenberger and the flight that landed in the Hudson River

Another excellent work by Studio Ghibli

Hilarious action movie and sequel to the original, which is also fantastic

Sci-Fi Romance in space!

Incredibly popular Marvel movie about Wakanda and the Black Panther

Action, comedy, romance, all wrapped into one with a stellar soundtrack

A nostalgic, feel-good movies for hopeless romantics

A shockingly emotional classic that absolutely lives up to the hype

In my opinion, the BEST version of the Cinderella story