Kaitlin - Librarian

Chronically Curious

I am a film and television fangirl equally happy immersed in the newest Marvel blockbuster as in a Fellini classic. I have been known to spend hours on IMDB. I read an equally broad range of genres and topics; currently, I am in to sci-fi, physics, a variety of humorists, social justice, and vegetarian cooking. I enjoy connecting with others through stories whether fiction or nonfiction, books or film, music or art. I am a Colorado transplant and love exploring the beautiful Mid-Columbia region and greater Northwest.

Our Shared Past: Historical Fiction

Historical fiction makes a wide array of periods, places, and perspectives accessible and gives us a window into another time often mirroring our own. It connects us to each other through our shared past. Many of these read like memoirs, some are more fantastical, all will make you curious.

Space and Time!

I recently went on a tour of LIGO that got me jazzed about the amazing astrophysics being undertaken in our tiny corner of the universe. This led me down a fascinating rabbit hole of topics; I found these titles particularly illuminating and accessible.

<p>Features LIGO Hanford!</p>
<p>Tyson narrates the audiobook!</p>
<p>The movie "First Man" is based on these events.</p>

Feel Good Movies

Switch off for a couple of hours and enjoy one of these feel good movies.

<p>Great ensemble, fun story, and killer music!</p>

Must-See Documentaries

Documentaries are one of my favorite ways to learn more about the world. Here are some particularly engrossing ones. Go ahead; expand your perspective!

Complex and heartbreaking look at race, class, and education via sports.

I May Have a TV Problem

There’s a lot of internet acreage being dedicated to the new Golden Age of Television. Regardless of the why, how, and who, the result is a lot of my time being dedicated to watching the new Golden Age of Television. Fandom loves company, so check out these first season selections to get your journey started. 

<p>Brillant spin-off of Taika Waititi (Thor: Raganok) and Jemaine Clement's 2014 film.</p>
<p>A different side of Star Trek!</p>

Movies You Might Have Missed

These titles are some of my favorite off-the-beaten-track movies from popular genres. While they vary in tone and subject, they are all enjoyable watching for a cozy Saturday night.

I watched it for the first time recently though it is from 2005. It's so quirky and interesting it makes me want to watch more Jonathan Safran Foer adaptations.
"Big Sick" is sweet, emotional, funny AND based on a true story.
A relationship-driven movie with wonderful music and talented cast.
Made by a Chinese animation studio based on a Taoist myth. The animation is gorgeous.

If It Ain't Got That Swing

The vast majority of my free time is spent swing dancing or traveling to go swing dancing. Here's a starter pack of books and films on the world of vintage jazz for a variety of ages.

<p>Wondering why I'm obsessed with swing dancing? Watch it, be inspired, dance more!</p>

Go-To Young Adult Fiction

Young adult (YA) fiction boomed in the early 2000s creating a dizzying variety of options. Here's a few of my favorites to help you navigate the landscape. Beware; they are addicting and contain high emotional stakes. 

No Heroes Here Graphic Novels

Comics without all those capes or clearly defined concepts of good and bad. Dive into complex issues, interesting re-tellings, and suprisingly epic everyday dilemmas all with illustrations!

Non-Fiction to Talk About

Books, audiobooks, and documentaries about an array of topics. My interest in non-fiction titles rarely comes from the topic itself, but in the stories about people it reveals. I talk about the titles and authors on this list any chance I get. You should read them. It is your choice whether or not you talk about them insistently.

I read this about eight years ago and I am STILL talking about it.
I particularly like “What would happen to the Earth if the Sun suddenly switched off?" (page 248) and “How much Force power can Yoda output?” (page 143).
Poignant and provoking