Must-See Documentaries

Must-See Documentaries

A list by Kaitlin, Librarian
March 2nd, 2018

Documentaries are one of my favorite ways to learn more about the world. Here are some particularly engrossing ones. Go ahead; expand your perspective!


Complex and heartbreaking look at race, class, and education via sports.

I love when people fly in the face of convention and see their vision through.

Really intense subcultures are the best!

Passionate young people for the win! Again!

True crime story about wine. Yes please!

Did I mention intense subcultures make the best documentaries? Good, because they do.

Heroic story about a Washington native and his family.

So many charming moments as these kids challenge themselves.

No good documentary list is complete without a Ken Burns title, and this one is a doozy.

This doc is everything you want it to be: sweet, funny, sad and poignant.

Powerful, transformative, simply great!