Movies You Might Have Missed

Movies You Might Have Missed

A list by Kaitlin, Librarian

These titles are some of my favorite off-the-beaten-track movies from popular genres. While they vary in tone and subject, they are all enjoyable watching for a cozy Saturday night.


I watched it for the first time recently though it is from 2005. It's so quirky and interesting it makes me want to watch more Jonathan Safran Foer adaptations.

"Big Sick" is sweet, emotional, funny AND based on a true story.

A relationship-driven movie with wonderful music and talented cast.

Made by a Chinese animation studio based on a Taoist myth. The animation is gorgeous.

So beautiful. I am new to Makoto Shinkai's filmography but excited to check out the rest.

I love musicals where the songs are integrated, drive plot, and reinforce character development.

Fun and wonderful in the tradition of "Waking Ned Divine" and "Calendar Girls."

Funny. Self-aware. Scary. Classic Joss Whedon.

This is a beautiful hand-drawn animated film with emotional depth and a hopeful story. If you like it, check out "The Secret of Kells."

The silly ensemble in this series cracks me up everytime.