Jessica - Rural Services Specialist

If Anyone Needs Me I Will Be Reading. Please Don’t Need Me.

I grew up in a movie theatre, next door to a library, but you will not find me snacking on popcorn unless it is covered with something sweet. I love watching rom-coms and musicals, sarcastic sitcoms, and ballroom dancing. I am a big reader; I always carry a book with me wherever I go. I check out physical books, eBooks, and audiobooks like crazy. Most of the time I gravitate toward quirky rom-coms with bright, fun covers. This year, I’ve made a point to branch out a bit on my reading list.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Cozy up with some cocoa and a feel good holiday romance. 

<p>Part of a fun series about men reading a learning from Romance books. This is the newest and only Christmas one in the series.</p>
<p>One of many Debbie Christmas books to be made into a Hallmark Movie.</p>
<p>Start of a 4 book series.</p>
<p>Start of the Mrs. Miracle collection.</p>

Summer Readin', Had Me A Blast

Summer Reading is in full swing. Here are some great options to help you finish your reading goals. 

<p>Not only a romance but it also features a baby goat in pajamas and a dog full of lovable quirks.</p>
<p>This really spoke to my bookish heart.</p>

"Fake" Dating

What's "fake" is real and what's "real" is fake in these fun rom-coms. 

<p>I am anxiously awaiting the sequel.</p>
<p>This is book two in the Bellinger Sisters series. Both great books!</p>
<p>Book two is coming out soon!</p>
<p>My favorite book of 2021!</p>

Love & Sports

Who wouldn't love to meet or be a professional athlete? These are cute stories of athletes finding love. If the book is part of a series, I have put the book number and series title in my notes.

<p>The Boyfriend Project, Book 2</p>
<p>Bergman Brothers, Book 1</p>
<p>There's Something About Marysburg, Book 2</p>

Bridgerton Withdrawals?

This list will get you through when you've run out of Bridgerton novels and are anxiously awaiting the next season on Netflix.

Read Before You Watch

These books that were so great they were turned into either a movie or a television series. This list would be a mile long, so I tried to limit it to the books I have read in the last two years.

This one is what season one of the Netflix series "Bridgerton" is based on. There are seven more great books after this one.

I Bet You Can't Read These Without a Smile

One of my favorite things about checking in the new book shipments is looking through the picture books before they get shelved. This list has some of my favorites that I have found over the last couple of years.

I love cute rainboots, things that match, and the color pink.
This is a sweet story, and it has my favorite illustration style.
This sequel is just as great as the original.
This one is super fun to perform at storytime.

Look At Me Branching Out

Books that are based on real events and will make you cry ugly tears. 

This book is about the real people that lawyer Bryan Stevenson was doing what he could to help while they were in prison, some being on death row. These are tragic stories, but occasionally he was able to add stories of real people going above and beyond with their compassion.
Imagine being taken from your home and thrust into a concentration camp. You are forced to tattoo numbers on innocent and frightened men, women and children in your same situation. You do it to keep yourself alive and do anything you can to help protect as many others that you can without the enemy catching on to your secrecy. Would you survive?
This book is based on the unbelievably scary reality many poor families faced in and around Tennessee in the 1930s and 1940s. A woman running a children’s home was tricking parents into signing their rights away and having their beloved children taken and being sold to wealthier families.
There have been a lot of articles, books, documentaries etc. on America’s Mercury Seven astronauts, but this book is about the real wives who were home watching and worrying as their husbands made history in space.