"Fake" Dating

"Fake" Dating

A list by Jessica, Rural Services Specialist

What's "fake" is real and what's "real" is fake in these fun rom-coms. 


I am anxiously awaiting the sequel.

This is book two in the Bellinger Sisters series. Both great books!

Book two is coming out soon!

My favorite book of 2021!

Book #6 in the Wedding Date series

Billionaires of Manhattan #4

Book #2 of the Love on Cue series

Christina Lauren books are always a must read for me.

Central Park Pact, Book #3

The Hartigans, Book #1

The Hartigans, Book #2

The Hartigans, Book #3

Another great Fake Daters trope from Mia Sosa. This one continues the storyline of her book "The Worst Best Man."