Summer Readin', Had Me A Blast

Summer Readin', Had Me A Blast

A list by Jessica, Rural Services Specialist

Summer Reading is in full swing. Here are some great options to help you finish your reading goals. 


Not only a romance but it also features a baby goat in pajamas and a dog full of lovable quirks.

This really spoke to my bookish heart.

You know its good when your sister-in-law starts reading your copy out of boredom but then won't give it back so you can finish it because she was sucked in.

Tessa Bailey's cartoon cover books are always a must read! That's just good life advice.

Get a behind the scenes look at the life of flight attendants on long trips.

This doubled my already strong desire to just sail away to someplace new. It's also really emotional and sometimes you just need a good cry!

Sequel to "Float Plan."

I recommend Emma Lord to all my YA readers.

Another go-to YA recommendation about growing up and finding who you are.

Another great vacation read involving coworkers that don't get along.

What do you do when you have seven weddings to attend following your own wedding that didn't happen because your fiancé got cold feet the night before? You challenge yourself to do something new and out of the ordinary at every single one.