Jessie - Community Libraries Director

Librarian, Mom, Beach Bum

I try to read widely, from adult non-fiction to children's picture books and everything in between. 

Likes: Non-fiction books about people facing adversity that ultimately end happily or uplifting. Humor, history, fast paced stories. Audiobooks. Young adult fantasy/dystopian fiction.    

Dislikes: Oprah's Book Club picks. Dry non-fiction. Really long books. Overly descriptive and flowery language. Series that feel like you're reading the same book again, with slightly different details. Stories where the main character dies.       

Romance With a Side of Humor

If you're drawn to rom-coms that end with a "happily ever after," you can't go wrong with contemporary romance. This genre is one of the most popular genres in publishing, as well as here at the library, and my own go-to for a feel good book.

Read It Again! Read It Again!

As a mom of three kids and as a librarian, I have read quite a few picture books. When my kids find ones they want to read over and over, I really hope they are funny ones. This list includes my favorites, ones that even I don't mind the request of, "Read it again!"  

Gotta love a book that makes the reader say "Boo Boo Butt" and the giggles that always erupt from that one page!
All of the Piggie and Gerald books are great, but this one is one of my favorites.

Books You Can't Put Down

When I read fiction, I enjoy books that are action-packed and fast paced with strong, likeable characters. Add in fun elements like fantasy, time travel, dystopian settings, and/or romance, and I'm set. It doesn't matter if it's written for teens or adults (this list includes both), just give me a good story that I can't put down. 

All Things Austen (Jane, That Is)

I watched the 1995 BBC version of "Pride and Prejudice" when I was in college, and it has been a favorite of mine for almost 20 years. If you're an Austen fan, this list includes my favorite movies based on Austen's books, fan fiction, and other items that Austen fans may enjoy.

<p>Of all the movie versions of "Pride and Prejudice," this is definitely my favorite.</p>
<p>My second favorite Jane Austen title brought to film. The BBC versions are wonderful!</p>
<p>Similar time period, strong female protagonist.</p>

Humor Me

Memoirs, essays, and stories to make you laugh.

Getting to Know You

I love getting to know someone and hearing their story. Every book on this list tells the story of a real person and the adversity they faced.

<p>A story of growing up under apartheid, illegal simply by being born to a white father and Black mother... but a funny comedian version.</p>
<p>A story about returning to life after a tragic medical illness.</p>
<p>The story about a young boy and a war that he never wanted to be a part of.</p>
<p>A story of love, loss, and a little girl.</p>