Jay - Librarian

I grew up in Wisconsin and, after six years in Colorado, moved to Washington in 2014. I enjoy road-tripping with some of my favorite destinations being the Hanford Reach National Monument, the Olympic Peninsula, and anywhere the Missoula Floods impacted the landscape. Some of my favorite places I've gotten breakfast in Washington are First Street Haven Restaurant, Port Angeles; Cathy's Cafe, Metaline Falls; and LaCrosse Cafe, LaCrosse. Conveniently, these are also some of my favorite areas to explore in the state whether on foot or in car. 

Read Alouds

Most of my reading these days is to my young kids. Here are some of our favorites. 

Favorite Fiction

Here are some of my favorites by a number of authors.



My favorite trivia category is potpourri, and these books fit right in.

Local Travel and Exploration

Explore Washington and the surrounding area with some of my favorite books on the topic. Go hiking, camping, and learn about your surroundings with these books.

Find a good soak in Washington or Oregon.
Completely updated edition of a classic - now full color.


Reading someone's travel experience is both a good substitute for and companion to doing it yourself. These are some of my favorite travelogues.

John McPhee is a master of narrative nonfiction, and Coming into the Country is one of his best works. Explore three distinct areas of Alaska through McPhee's eyes.
This is my favorite book by Bryson. Consistently funny and informative, Bryson is at his best in this work.

Water in the West

These are some of my favorite books on the topic of water in the west. Learn about some of the most important people, projects, and places.