Local Travel and Exploration

Local Travel and Exploration

A list by Jay, Librarian
April 28th, 2017

Explore Washington and the surrounding area with some of my favorite books on the topic. Go hiking, camping, and learn about your surroundings with these books.


Find a good soak in Washington or Oregon.

Completely updated edition of a classic - now full color.

Check out Hike 45, White Bluffs, North Slope. Offers great views of the only free-flowing segment of the Columbia River and Hanford. Just a short one hour drive away.

This book offers a high-level guide to Olympic National Park helping to shape your trip's focus. If you're going to Lake Quinault, I recommend driving around it. The hanging moss exceeds what you see on the Hall of Mosses trail.

Hike the highest point in Washington's Blues using hike 120. Offers isolation and scenic vistas.

Interested in learning about the Missoula Floods that scoured this area thousands of years ago? There's no better way to learn about how these floods shaped the landscape than on foot using this book as a guide.

Though it is a long drive; Washington's Pacific coast is very much worth a visit. Use this guide to make the most of your trip.

Find a roadtrip in the PNW with this recently updated guidebook.