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One of my most favorite things to do is read with my kiddos (two energetic boys). My goal for my boys is 20 minutes a day of reading. Sometimes we have to get creative to hit that goal, and sometimes we don't hit it at all, but reading is a regular part of our everyday life. I encourage you to make it part of your everyday life as well. I hope you enjoy these books that my boys and I have loved, and let me know if you figure out the trick to having it all.

School Reads

4 months ago

Kiddos are back in school and we are reading a variety of books, some assigned and others selected individually.  Here's a few titles we have read so far.

<p>My youngest and I have enjoyed reading this book, and are very much looking forward to the next title in the series!</p>
<p>My youngest and I started this series over the summer and we are excited to get our hands on the next book in the series.</p>

Birthday Books

6 months ago

My youngest celebrates his birthday at the end of July (along with Harry Potter). This year I asked for his help to rank a few birthday-themed books, and here are the results.

I was not surprised to see Grumpy Cat at the top of the list. The last page was my son's favorite.

Summer Series

8 months ago

While we enjoy our summer fun, I plan to keep my boys reading, and book series help me do just that.  Here are a few, some we've started, some are on the list to be read next, but all should be fun with a dash of humor.

These books are written as the emails between a nephew and uncle, are quick reads, and very imaginative.
My son started this series at school, so I picked it up as well. I love to keep up with what they read in class and chat about the books at home.

Whatcha Readin' ?

1 month ago

As my boys have grown, many things have changed, including the books they read.  I often like to pick up the book they are reading in class and read along on my own.  It's given me a broader reading list, as well as an opportunity to engage my kiddos in conversation.  Here are a few of our recent reads.

Summer Reads

1 year ago

Here are a few titles my boys have been enjoying this summer!

Make Happiness Happen

2 years ago

Sometimes life isn't what you are expecting. Creating your own happiness and taking on an attitude of gratitude can go a long ways to lift your spirits as well as the spirits of those around you.

I stumbled upon a print copy of this book and was so excited to find the audiobook available!

Mysteries of History

2 years ago

Following a visit to Pearl Harbor, my oldest son became very interested in learning more about historical battles. He read through all sorts of books on a variety of topics, and here are a few.

Serious Fun With Series

2 years ago

The best (easiest) way to keep my boys reading is to get them hooked on a series. Here are a few we've enjoyed this year.

First Grade Fun

4 years ago

This fall my youngest son has been making new friends at school and finding new favorite book characters as he continues to develop as a reader in first grade. Here are a few we love!

While Spongebob isn't my favorite, my son sure loves him.
We have really loved getting to know Elephant and Piggie! They are a hoot!
When reading this book, you must do a "tough guy" voice for the tree; it's required.

Universe of Stories

4 years ago

Check out these space-themed books this summer, and register you and your family for the Summer">">Summer Reading Challenge for a chance to win!