A list by Erin, Operations Director

Sports and physical fitness are a regular part of my world. My husband and I both played sports in college, and our oldest son has big dreams to play several sports professionally when he grows up. My husband has coached high school basketball for more than a decade as did his father and his grandfather before him. When it's hoops season, you know exactly where to find me and our boys on Friday and Saturday nights: at the gym in our regular seats cheering on the team. We love hoops! We are hoop-a-holics. I could have made you a list of basketball books, but I tried to mix it up. GO TEAM!


My oldest son is named Michael after the one and only Michael Jordan, one of the best competitors to have played hoops. His mother wrote this book and "Salt in His Shoes" about her son and his dreams of playing ball.

I can't even imagine having enough kids to field an entire baseball team, but my boys think this book is great because of all the kids.

As it turns out, dinosaurs play all sorts of sports. I've put the basketball book on this list, but there are plenty of other books by Lisa Wheeler to choose from.

My oldest son has played a few seasons of flag football now. I'm a fair weather fan, but I love to watch my little man!

Everyone in our house is a sports fan. My husband is a coach, my kids love to play ball, and I'm up for almost any game. We especially love hoops and the NBA.

Remember the poem "Casey at the Bat"? This book takes off where that one left off with another rhyming baseball story.

My oldest son played soccer for one very hot summer when he was four years old. It was ridiculously cute, but not very fun. He traded in his cleats for basketball shoes and never looked back.

I have yet to convince my boys to watch this movie, but it's Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan! What's not to love?