My Unread Bookcase: Summer 2023

My Unread Bookcase: Summer 2023

A list by Rachael, Page
April 12th, 2023

There are two kinds of book people: those who read in an orderly fashion and those who have a bunker list. I fall into the latter camp. I collect books. New, used, reissues; I love them all. But so many  of them catch my eye that I have a long list of back catalogue and of coming soon I want to read. This list contains some of the old and some of the new ones I look forward to reading this summer. I may not get to all of them this year. But maybe this list will spark your desire to cross a few titles off your own list. 


I've been slowly making my way through this classic of 20th century fantasy. This summer, I plan to finish the trilogy. Gotta get through this one first.

In Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen, the main character, Catherine reads this book at the suggestion of a friend. I considered that recommendation one for me, too.

Her book On Immunization injected my mind with information that never got boring. I think this one might also be great.

I adore Elantris. I dig Legion. I need this book in my head.

Indigenous literature has long been an interest of mine. This novel, involving a sinister trade in bone marrow, might be one of those books that captures my imagination and gives me chills, too.