It's Not the Book You Start With...

It's Not the Book You Start With...

A list by Rachael, Page

These are books that have led me to another story, novel or work of non-fiction. Whether because they overtly or covertly reference another title, because they act as a homage or a parody, or because the title is derived from another piece of writing, one book leads to another.


The book is more complex. The movie is still great.

Believe it or not, I love these books for the books they led me to. Also, I'm on Team Edward.

"Breaking Dawn" led me here.

The spirit of "Jane Eyre" suffuses "The Twilight Saga." But first, I delighted in this alternate historical fantasy where the Crimean War raged on into the 20th century, and characters from literature need protection from real police within the British government.

This is the classic story, which I began reading in high school but was led back to by "Twilight."