Hey Baby, It's Christmas All Over Again

Hey Baby, It's Christmas All Over Again

A list by Rachael, Page
December 4th, 2020

Christmas isn't just a time of year. It's a feeling. It's a story we get to live in, a movie we watch that changes the air around us for the better. 


Every so often a new classic of the season arrives. This slender volume gets my world-weary heart in the Christmas spirit.

When Death takes over as the Santa Claus of the Disc, he needs his granddaughter Susan's help to keep the world as they know it from falling apart. And you thought your Christmas was stressful.

A holiday classic for young and old with Marley and Marley, Charles Dickens, and Rizzo the Rat. Is it really Christmas without "A Christmas Carol?"

A bearded gentleman steps in after a drunken Santa gets fired. The classic and still best version of this film, it just gets everything right.

Whether you consider it a Christmas movie, a Halloween movie, or just a movie you love to watch, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" has just the right mix of merry, scary, and out of the ordinary.

Nothing says Christmas like a story of redemption.

Every generation has it's "Little Women," and this is mine. There are other good ones but this one, which starts like the book at Christmas time, will always be my favorite.