Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

A list by Erin, Operations Director

What's a booklist without kitty cats? My youngest son LOVES kitties. We own zero pets, but he sleeps with five stuffed kitties and loves them dearly. His favorite is a small, orange colored stuffed kitty named Baby Orange Kitty.

Another favorite, handed down to him by my oldest son, is a stuffed Hello Kitty. Can you guess what this one is named? If you guessed Hello Kitty, you are correct! We might not be a very creative family when it comes to naming stuffed animals, but it really makes it easy for my husband and me when we are trying track down a missing stuffed kitty at bedtime.  


Cats like to cuddle (at least, nice cats like to cuddle), and so does my baby boy.

This book comes from a born and bred Washingtonian!

This book has cats, trains, and a grandma... it's the purr-fect trifecta!

You really can't beat a classic like "The Cat in the Hat." Enjoy!

If you liked "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie," you are guaranteed to love this book!

SPOILER ALERT: There actually are cats in this book. If there were no cats in this book, it couldn't be on the list!

Once upon a time (including the present) each of my boys enjoyed pretending to be a cat. My oldest would crawl under the table and sometimes I would feed him down there to avoid drama. My youngest (the cat-lover) has been known to lick like a cat. It's really no wonder why he catches a lot of colds. Anyways, they would probably be allowed to read this book, which is only for cats.

Counting cute cats is a wonderful thing for a preschooler. See if you can spot the cats sticking out their tongues!