Chill Out People

Chill Out People

A list by Sarah, Librarian

If there was a way you could feel better about yourself, calmer, happier in your life, better able to deal with your family and friends and more able to accept what is going on in your life, would you do it? Oddly, most people don't. A daily meditation practice can help with all these things. What better time to sit down and calm down than right now? If you need some guidance, check out one of these books on meditation or mindfulness. 


I only included one book by Thich Nhat Hanh, but you should really read all of them.

Not strictly about meditation or mindfulness, but discusses how a mindfulness practice can help with your connection to other people.

Also not only about meditation and mindfulness, but your breath is such an important aspect of meditation, I included this one.

Ok, you might think I'm joking, but this children's book featuring The Cat in the Hat actually follows common meditation practices.