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I have been with Mid-Columbia Libraries for 14 years and have worn many hats but my latest is fiction selector. If you can read a book all by yourself, I probably selected it. I spend a lot of my free time reading. Luckily I have Goodreads to keep me on track. When I'm not at the library or reading you will probably find me at the gym teaching classes or in my garden. I love helping people find a great book, so let me know if you want a recommendation!

Sarah's Favorites of 2023

I'm not sure how every year there are new books out that I can't wait to read, but it seems like it keeps happening. While admittedly not all books I've read seemed worth the hype to me, many of the books I read this year met and even exceeded my expectations. Here are a few of my favorites. 

Women's History WWII

Long unrecognized, there have been numerous books written in the last few years about women's involvement in WWII. Not just working back home because of absent men, but on the front lines, as spies, in intellingence and other areas considered off-limits to women at the time. Here are some great books, both fiction and non-fiction, that highlight the contributions of women in WWII.…

If you liked A Man Called Ove/A Man Called Otto

"A Man Called Ove" is my favorite book and it has been made into a really excellent movie in Swedish. If you are willing to read subtitles, I highly recommend it! You may have heard this book is coming to the big screen starring Tom Hanks with the American title "A Man Called Otto". I fully admit I was skeptical (that's the term I'm using for the fit I threw about renaming the…

Alex Awards


The Alex Awards are given by the American Library Association to the 10 best adult books for teens every year. Check out one of the selections for 2024!


Chill Out People

If there was a way you could feel better about yourself, calmer, happier in your life, better able to deal with your family and friends and more able to accept what is going on in your life, would you do it? Oddly, most people don't. A daily meditation practice can help with all these things. What better time to sit down and calm down than right now? If you need some guidance, check out…

<p>I only included one book by Thich Nhat Hanh, but you should really read all of them.</p>

My Comfort Reads

What is a comfort read? A comfort read is a book you return to again and again that lifts you up or makes you feel better. Comfort reads can be very personal and if you're like me, you may have a few. Here are some of my favorite comfort reads. I would love to hear yours!

I love this book, but really ever time I'm sick or down, I watch the BBC.
This is such a great story of connection, everyone should read it.
I don't care how old you are, there is a sweetness to this book that can't be matched.
I return to this book because it's funny, but also its connection to an event in my life. I'm sure you have books like this as well.

Tumbleweird Book Reviews

Have you been following The Book Report in Tumbleweird? Maybe you missed an issue or want to find what I've been writing about most recently? Here are the books I've reviewed!

Audio for the Road

I'm a big fan of listening to audiobooks in the car and we are now in prime road trip season. No matter how far you are going, I've got an audiobook for you.

Get Lit

Literary fiction has got a bad rap for being boring, but there is some great literary fiction to be had! Literary fiction focuses on characters in the midst of complex situations and conflict over universal dilemmas, which makes this genre one of the most relateable out there. Here are some of my more recent faves.

Healthy You

I love reading, and so it's always a fun time to read about my other loves, exercise and healthy living. I'm not a fan of diet books, but books that talk about how your body works and what you should be putting in it can offer great insight. These are some of my favorites so far.

I have a strange interest in gut microbes, and this book had enough information to quench even my curiosity.