Books for People Who Love Books About Books

Books for People Who Love Books About Books

A list by Rachael, Page

When you love books, you want to talk about them with whomever will listen. When you're all talked out but still want the experience of connecting with another mind over reading and loving books, libraries, bookshops, librarians, and shelves, here's where you can turn.


Paintings of book spines accompanied by essays from the literate luminaries the volumes inspired.

A memoir of the author's time working in a prison library.

Not a ghost story, this story is about a bookshop that is haunted by the ideas and authors contained within it. A little remembered classic that deserves to be better known.

It's been likened to "Ready Player One" for book lovers. An apt, if insufficient, comparison.

Collected from the pages of "The Believer" magazine, these musings by novelist and screenwriter Nick Hornby explore the conflicts between books bought vs. books read, family life vs. reading, and football vs. reading. Dry humor and sparkling prose result.

This novel is gently mysterious and full of characters you'll want to remember and great reading recommendations to boot.

Anne Bogel is one of my podcast friends. Every week, she asks a guest on "What Should I Read Next?" to tell her about three books they love, one they didn't, and what they are reading now. Then, she gives them personalized book suggestions. In this beautiful collection of essays, complete with book recommendations, she examines the delights and disappointments of the reading life.

A haunting cautionary tale about the dark side of loving books. A woman goes for a late night walk after a fight with her boyfriend. What happens next changes her life.

Will Schwalbe writes about the books that changed, saved, and enriched his life with conversational and informative delight.

Seeking higher quality and quantity of literature on a small wage, Helene Hanff wrote to a bookshop in London. What began as business became a 20 year friendship, documented in letters. Perfect for a fall afternoon.