Karen - Communications Specialist

Ravenclaw through and through!

My favorite way to spend the day is cozied up either on my couch or on my bed with a warm blanket and my Kindle. I'm a paperback lover that fell in love with reading my senior year of high school! Now almost 10 years later, I still find myself reading any chance I get, even if that means staying up at night "reading just one more chapter". It never turns out to be just one chapter though. Poetry books are my guilty pleasure; I read them whenever I need motivation. I am also someone that is obsessed with plants and have a healthy variety but my favorite has to be my monstera. When I'm not reading or tending to my plants, you can find me playing tennis, hiking, practicing/learning new languages, or binging movies and TV shows. My favorite time of the year is fall, because it's when I have my Harry Potter marathon!

YA Fiction Books I've Read as an Adult

Books that made me fall in love with reading again, and will make you too! Be prepared to be captivated and infuriated with the personalities of the characters in these series. You will be transported to different times and dystopian worlds and get lost within the pages. If you're looking for books that will be hard to put down, look no further, these will be sure to scratch that itch.

Non-Traditonal Cookbooks

Take a gander at these non-traditional and unofficial cookbooks of fan favorite movies, games, and TV shows. Discover new recipes from made up worlds. Find your new favorites and share them with those you choose, although beware, they are all delicious!


Prepare to be transported into diverse and thrilling worlds! The first two books of each series will have you loving them, wanting more, and not being able to put them down! There are some classics that have been around for a long time and some newer series that'll make your love for manga fonder.

Sultry Series


Dive deep into the realm of fantasy with this selection of series that include parallel universes, royal courts, and more. If you're a fan of enemy to lovers tropes, then this is a great collection for you!


Moody Movies


Cozy up this fall (or all year round) with this moody collection of movies, including animated classics and a variety of Studio Ghibli films for the family to enjoy together! Don't be afraid to watch them all at different times or in one go.


Powerful Poetry


Looking for something to read that'll help you start your healing journey? Look no further! These poetry books are a good way to reflect and connect with the authors. Feel powerful reading this selection of poetry books!