These Vampires Don’t Sparkle

These Vampires Don’t Sparkle

A list by Emily, Customer Service Specialist
November 2nd, 2021

I’ve always been drawn to vampires, studying how the mythology was born and evolved into the media frenzy that surrounded the elusive creatures when "Twilight" came out. These are some of the novels that have stood out from some of the others, particularly for their unique take on vampires. Or unique spin to the world vampires occupy.


Hot off of BookTok, this book is first in a series and debuts two types of vampires, as well as werewolves and some other supernatural delights. The two types of vampires are also at war with one another, one is more traditional and stuck in the dark while the other is golden eyed and loves the sunlight. There is war and love, and most things in between in this tale, and nothing is as it first appears.

Vampires, ghosts, what else is missing from this college town? This is a fairly standard outcast girl goes to the new school, finds friends when she’s true to herself, ends up on the wrong side of some big bad vampires. Classic. What I like about these vampires is they don’t get all pretty when they’re turned. They look the same as when they were human, a nice twist.

Another school setting, this series features two and a half vampire species. Strigoi are the bad vampires, cut off from their souls, and Moroi are the vampires they used to be, still in touch with the magic of the earth. Dhampirs are half human and half vampire, and they protect the Moroi. These stories have politics of a hidden vampire world, different mythos drawn from vampire tales around the world, and of course a forbidden romance or two.

While werewolves and werecoyotes might be the main creatures in this series, you can’t disregard the vampires. This series takes place in Tri-Cities and the surrounding area which makes it particularly exciting to read. It was very cool to be reading and hear familiar land marks and towns mentioned, especially when I was by those places myself.

This predates Dracula and is as classic a gothic vampire tale as they come. This stands out from others by featuring a female vampire, as well as a sapphic romance. It spins expected roles of men and women on their head, at least a bit, and manages to be something new despite it’s old age.

Ancient vampires hiding in Mexico City. Vampire crime, drawing from the Aztecs, give me all of it. There are many familiar themes that are made entirely fresh in the different setting and with the distinct story telling from Silvia Moreno-Garcia.

Now this is not my favorite vampire on the list, but it was too unique to not include. This book manages to tie together the mystery of DB Cooper, vampires, Elizabeth Bathory and alternate dimensions.

Katee Robert has a hold on me. This is a mess of vampires, with powers. Vampires that can control blood, or fire. Vampires that can shape shift. Half vampires that are all kind of a magical mystery. A why choose romance, there's no need for our heroine to pick just one vampire. And to fight their battles, they will need to all work together.

This book is the first book in the prequel series “Blood and Ash” and is very similar except characters have different names and there are dragons instead of werewolves. Other than that, there are many parallels. Despite coming out more recently, I would suggest reading this before “From Blood and Ash.”

Scarlett St. Clair and I have a tumultuous relationship. Her writing style does not always vibe with me, but man, her plots and stories? Some of the best. This story features a princess who would do anything to protect her people, including marrying the wicked vampire king that has been conquering neighboring kingdoms. But what happens when he isn't so wicked? Everything Princess Isolde has ever known has suddenly been turned upside down and sometimes that means picking a new side.