Snarktastic Science Fiction

Snarktastic Science Fiction

A list by Katy, Branch Manager

A lot of science fiction takes itself so very seriously, or ventures too far into "Pigs in Space" territory. This collection has just the right balance of snark, plot, character development and science - fans of Firefly, take note! Ranges from the quintessential "Hitchhiker's Guide" to newcomers to the world of SF, and includes series as well as standalone novels.


Better known for his urban fantasy series "The Dresden Files," Butcher is equally adept at crafting drama and adventure in steam-powered skies. First in a series.

Connie Willis has a number of time-travel books, but this is still my favorite. Set in the same universe as The Doomsday Book, but can be read as a stand-alone.

Douglas Adams is a seminal author in humorous science fiction. A must-read. First in a series.

Two great authors made something great together, here: a dimension-hopping adventure that hits all the feels. Also involves potatoes. First in a series.

One of those rare instances where the movie actually did the book justice, and yet still worth the read (apart from one chapter that's really intense about potatoes). Stand-alone.

Vaughan is doing something amazing with this series - intensely political and social, but also completely apart from our world. The art is also gorgeous.

By the way, Trek fans, the audiobook is narrated by Wil Wheaton. Everything John Scalzi writes has this same level of snark, so if you like his stand-alone "Redshirts," definitely pick up "Old Man's War" next.

Excellent character development in a thoughtful exploration of the greater galaxy and humanity's place in it. The sequels aren't as light-hearted, but still excellent.

How many 17-year-olds end up charged with treason? Miles is still my favorite space hero of all time - short, mouthy and constantly letting his eagerness to prove himself lead to trouble.