Shining a Light on the Dark Night: Depression

Shining a Light on the Dark Night: Depression

A list by Mikki, Customer Service Specialist Substitute

These authors examine depression or bipolar disorder from a personal perspective: religious, scientific, and/or literary and philosophical. All illumine in their unique fashion.


Farrington gives a brief and poetic exploration of depression within the context of spirituality.

From a personal and psychiatric perspective, Jamison offers insights and anecdotes that help us understand how bipolar disorder challenges individuals.

MacDonald writes an eloquent account of how her father's death plunged her into depression and how she tried to heal herself through a relationship with a hawk. Her writing prowess combined with her literary acumen and societal observations make the book memorable and deep.

Solomon gives an exhaustive and helpful view into depression based on research, anecdotes, and personal experience. If you know anyone who struggles with depression, this book can give you some compassion for their struggle and a glimpse into therapies that might be of assistance.

This book is concise and offers simple and practical assistance as well as resources for people to tap if they wish to do more.

Hanson writes from the experience of needing to manage his own difficult mind states and the effective strategies he practices to gain and maintain equanimity.

Brach provides insight into the need to get beyond destructive self-criticism in order not only to enjoy life, but also to connect and contribute to others.

A companion piece to "Radical Acceptance," "Radical Compassion" provides exercises for the reader to cultivate compassionate thought and action. It is a healing book.

Price, a therapist who is on the spectrum, provides a readable and well-researched book that links depression in individuals on the spectrum to the stress they experience in masking their autism. Price provides suggestions not only for individuals on the spectrum but those who are not in helping us all achieve a healthier community.