Salamat, Hermana

Salamat, Hermana

A list by Mikki, Customer Service Specialist Substitute

Inspired to learn more about my best friend, I am reading a number of Filipino and Filipino-American authors. She suggested all of these authors, who have won national and international awards.


This book helps us understand a little of the history of the Filipines, the first wave of Filipino immigrants to the US, and the kinds of psychological struggles these realities engender.

This YA novel covers many bases in a believable portrayal of a young girl through arresting language. It is worth the read for the language, history lessons, story, and language itself.

Stapleton delivers stories that are at once believable and upending of typical perception. Her concise language delivers blows like a sculptor--hard, but artful. The collection also has one of the best pieces I have read on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

"World of Wonders" delivers beautifully written reflections on astonishing creations and their intersections with Nezhukumatathil's family history. The reflections prove both inspiring and thought-provoking.