Read To Me

Read To Me

A list by Emily, Customer Service Specialist

These are the readers and audiobooks that I come back to time and time again.


The reader for this book–and many of their earlier titles–is Scott Brick. I haven’t found a book yet that isn’t made better when read by Scott. He really shines with mystery adventures such as this one. With a mysterious treasure hunt, a charismatic New York reporter, and enough history lessons to leave you questioning what’s real and fiction, this story is one that draws you in and doesn’t let go.

This has been one of my favorite audiobooks for a long time. I'm pretty sure my family wore out a copy of it once. Nathaniel Parker makes these characters larger than life, even though the majority of them are smaller than the twelve year old leading boy. The play on leprechauns, and their pot of gold, made this book a winner from the start.

I’m not generally a fan of audiobooks read by women; they tend to force their voices too deep when pretending to be men, and it takes me out of the story. Jennifer Ikeda does not do that. She can flow between male and female characters with ease, and does a lovely French accent. This book is all about magic and the power of love in all its forms. Featuring witches, vampires, and a fair amount of history, there is something new I appreciate from it every time I listen.

A very quick audiobook, I get this one every November to help get me in the holiday spirit. Dennis Boutsikaris is just the right reader for this book. There are no frills or excitement, but all the characters come to life. With a good old fashioned rivalry helping to spur conflict along, some classic Christmas carols and the magic of a first snowfall, there’s a little something for everyone in this holiday tale.

Another one read by Scott Brick, I was curious just how this would hold up to the movie. While book Malcolm isn't Jeff Goldblum, he's still a very entertaining character that certainly deserved having this book written. With a larger and more dynamic cast than the movie, and far more dinosaurs, it's a must read for everyone who ever wondered what John Hammond's park would really be like.

This is another holiday favorite of mine and my family. Read by the author, he brings all the characters to life wonderfully. This particular tale takes place at Thanksgiving, and, when just about everything that could go wrong seems to happen, a few more things fall apart before a happy ending. "Hank the Cowdog” stories also feature songs!

Alexa Martin is becoming a top author for me, especially for her audiobooks. Despite every book having a different reader, her voice still comes through so strong and is a complete delight to listen to. They're cute, low stakes drama, and fun books with guaranteed happy endings. This one added in a book theme, which was so wonderful.

Rhys Larsen, a tortured soul of a bodyguard, is everything I love in a book boyfriend. This is an updated take on the classic pairing of knight and princess. Step aside Genovia, the princess of Eldorra is in town.

This book nearly made me blush a few times as I listened. Sierra Simone brings her signature filthy notes and pushes boundaries, while Julie Murphy guarantees it stays light enough. This book is sex positive, body positive, all kinds of positive. I cannot get the sequels soon enough.

I read this as part of 52 Book Club's 2023 challenge, and I was hooked in an instant. The book takes place in Dublin at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and follows the whirlwind romance of a couple over 56 days. With timeline jumps you're always left wondering what is coming next in this murder mystery, even when you've been given some of the answers. The Irish accents in this audiobook really make it a winner for me.

A Rachel Krall special report...I loved this book and the format of both it, and it's sequel. The main character is Rachel Krall, a relatively (or entirely depending who you ask) true crime podcaster. Every few chapters it slides to an episode of the podcast, with music to guide you into it just like a real podcast, making it a very immersive audiobook.