Picturesque Picture Books

Picturesque Picture Books

A list by Haley, Programs Specialist

Picture books aren't always for toddlers or young'uns. I am often blown away by the talent of the illustrators of these books and can't help picking up just a few to flip through just to look at those pretty pictures (despite not having any kids)! These are some of my personal favorites where the art just brings me joy and excitement, and usually you get a cute story to boot!


The author and illustrator who inspired me to make this list. He's also well known for his work, "The Dot." I love absolutely everything he has done.

An adorable story about family and fitting in with a distinct visual style!

Those wide eyes... I love the idea of reading this book to a child for a storytime and having them try so hard to have a staring contest with them!

A creative, hands-on approach to illustrations! Using pictures of sculptures is a fabulous idea and will make you want to go find some clay to play with yourself!

A gorgeous no-words story with lots of flapping and splashing. Flora has many friends, but the flamingo one is my favorite (and perfect for summer)!

The story in the book is moving and is only enhanced by the soft art.

Try something new with Escargot, the cute little snail who loves salad.

A book that's told entirely in onomatopoeia. 1) That's super cool. 2) It's minimal words make the art shine. With every split and splat, you can almost feel the raindrops falling off the page onto you.

Jump on the Moana train, and check out this gorgeous thing!

A whale of a tale about friendship.

Reminiscent of Pixar's short "Partly Cloudy," this soft and fluffy looking picture book makes me long to go cloud watching.

As someone who grew up adventuring in dungeons and rolling dice for fun, I love this book. Its illustrations are especially cute, but the story is also very heartfelt.