Parenting 101

Parenting 101

A list by Celina, HR Director
June 8th, 2017

These are my favorite go-to titles related to being a mom. Some funny, some educational, all lead me to being an awesome mother. You can ask my kids!


This book started as a blog and is one of the best out there, IMO.

Do parents still read parenting books? If you do, then don't miss this handy guide to dealing with cavemen children!

I passed a copy of this book around for years every time I found out a girlfriend was pregnant. A hilarious read on everything pregnancy.

Jim Gaffigan, you are my hero! This hilarious book, read by the author, is one of my all-time favorite books.

This book really will make you smarter.

Are you in your early days of parenthood? READ THIS BOOK.

I love reading this magazine for getting organized! Don't buy it at the grocery store, check it out at the library!

Someday the closets will be empty of clutter. Living this book is a personal goal of mine. Everything down to the perfectly folded T-shirts.