Not Gonna Hide My Pride

Not Gonna Hide My Pride

A list by IDEA Team, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Advocates
July 20th, 2023

This list consists mostly of pictures books that explore Pride and LGBTQIA2S+ community. Visit the parades, learn the history, and more as you go through these colorful reads.


This book is a Stonewall Book Award winner, and has wonderful Easter eggs throughout the book. At the end there is an explanation for some Easter eggs. We love a book that is entertaining and informative.

Some of the most beautiful art, capturing the spirit of Pride events.

Pride, puppies, and ABCs?! This book has it all, with adorable and colorful art that is sure to grab everyone’s attention. Each page has different things that relate to the letter of the page. See if you can find them all when you’re reading!

A beautiful book about different types of families, told from the playful view point of a child who is loving life. Queer parents, divorced parents, siblings raising siblings and more are all highlighted in this book.

A cute picture book that keeps things simple with pronouns, both explaining what they are and how they can change while looking at different options.

A beautiful story of a boy exploring colors, painting them on his nails to express himself the way he likes best.

This board book counts in the way that "Pride Puppy" goes through the ABCs. Colorful, accessible, and so much fun this book is a hit for everyone.

Tells the story of what happens when you have to share your special people with someone else. In this case, Chloe has to share her special Uncle Bobby, and she wants to understand why he’s getting married. Sometimes it’s okay to share your special people because it might mean you get another special person to love too.

This book has been a favorite since it came in last year. Rob Kearney holds the title of ‘first openly gay strongman’, and this is his story. With beautiful colors, and a simple message of loving yourself, this is always a hit.

A great collection of 50 LGBTQ+ people who made history, it starts with a map showing where they are from all around the world and ends with a glossary, definition of flags, and the meaning of different symbols. This is a great starting point to not only learn more, but to put knowledge into context with some familiar faces.

In the same idea as "Rainbow Revolutionaries," this contains unique art and stories of heroes from around the world.

A beautiful book that not only has LGBT representation, but also is a great way to talk to kids about changes in health and ability with old age.