Neurodiversity? What's That?

Neurodiversity? What's That?

A list by Katy, Branch Manager

With a field that's ever-evolving, it's hard to know where to start looking for information about people with special needs. I hope the following books, updated with the most current research and theory, will be informative and insightful for families looking for strategies as well as an interested newcomer. Many are also available in eBook and audiobook.


Grandin details the most recent research and integration practices as only someone with a lifetime of living it can.

A heavily researched history of neurodiversity, discussing the shifting medical descriptions and treatments that have continuously redefined the term for centuries, as well as hope for the future. Excellent food for thought, although I'll warn that much of that history is grim reading.

A practical, day-to-day guide for succeeding in school. Flink includes tips and information about applicable laws and how to advocate with their teachers and administrators.

Geared for teachers but also invaluable for parents looking for practical strategies for their children at home and in a school setting.

Dawson and Guare include many practical, day-to-day strategies in succeeding in school and home life, which may help kids on many places on the spectrum.

Fournier gives his very personal perspective on parenting a child with special needs in an engaging and heartfelt way, learning as much as teaching in the process of raising his son.

A wonderful followup to the bestselling memoir "The Reason I Jump," this book features Higashida now as a 24-year-old with autism and continues to paint a vivid picture of his experiences and difficulties.

Another fun and heartfelt memoir from a father whose adventures with his son might be alarming but definitely entertaining.

A classic in the field featuring practical tools to overcome social anxiety, specific phobias, and even general worry.