Get in the Kitchen!

Get in the Kitchen!

A list by Celina, HR Director


This list is dedicated to my sister, Natalie who has a cute sign in her kitchen that reads, "I only have the kitchen because it came with the house."

In 2002 when I was first married, my husband joked that one day I would be the mom making macaroni and cheese and fish sticks for dinner. I'll never forget standing in our tiny kitchen and thinking there was no way I'd be that way. He was already a better cook than me and quickly advancing to recipes that called for a can of cream of chicken. Fast forward 20+ years and two kids later... here I am contemplating whether or not oatmeal with fresh raspberries on top and a glass of milk will be a complete balanced meal. So, for the nights that you don't make breakfast for dinner, check out these titles. And, for the record, my husband is the better cook as much as I hate to admit it.



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Have you tried spiralizing? Pick up one off Amazon and trick your kids into eating fun shaped food.

Hello easy clean up!

Instant Pot ... total game changer.  This book has THE SIMPLEST recipes that literally take minutes to throw together and eat.

I mean, who doesn't love a great dup?!

Totally not the healthiest options, but talk about stick to your belly goooood home cooking!

My air fryer made it's appearance in my home during Covid, and haven't looked back!  The airfryer is the new instapot!  Tell me I'm wrong....

From the creator of comes a cookbook with easy to follow recipes and ingredients you can pronounce and buy without going online to find.