Dirt: It's What's for Dinner

Dirt: It's What's for Dinner

A list by Mikki, Customer Service Specialist Substitute

How we treat the soil affects the nutrients, microbes, crop yields, and even aquatic food. Learn how to choose the healthiest food for you and the planet.


"The Third Plate" will make you hungry for good food.

This MacArthur Genius Fellowshiop award winner writes clearly and engagingly.

Pollan finds ways to make food ever more interesting and adds a philosophical flavor.

Sheldrake writes engagingly about fungi, what we know about humans in relation to them, and recent discoveries about lichen and fungi. It is mind blowing.

Lowman chronicles her love of plants from childhood to the current day successes she has had in creating ways to observe trees' canopies. It is a tale of passion, ingenuity, determination, common sense, and adaptability that leads to our learning more about trees.