BookTok Made Me Read These

BookTok Made Me Read These

A list by Emily, Customer Service Specialist
November 2nd, 2021

TikTok was not something I expected to spend so much time on, but it sucked me in and BookTok was a large part of it. With minute-long videos featuring theme music and quotes, my TBR has quickly lost any sense of control. These are some of the titles featured on there that have taken up permanent residence on my bookshelf. These put spins of war and fantasy on your more traditional romance novels, and they spare no details of the romance or war when they cover adult themes.


I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for a good Hades and Persephone story. The world set up by Neon Gods is a refreshing spin on familiar gods. Everyone fits the role they’ve been assigned but have their own personality as well. This is a the first in a series, and I look forward to seeing how the other couples vary from their classic counterparts. The adult themes lean more towards "Fifty Shades of Grey" in this book.

Another book that takes elements from classic tales and gives them a spin, bringing a world of faeries and magic to life. There’s war, enemies at every corner, including some you don’t expect. And, at the heart of it is a human girl trying to stay in the world of the living and not lose herself or her heart. A strong start to the series.

When I say I was devastated by the turn of events the start of this book took from where book one ended, I mean I didn’t want to read it for a bit. But, I’m glad I trusted and kept moving forward. Characters introduced in this book are some of my favorites in the series, and part of why I read through the rest of them as fast as I could.

The thrilling conclusion to the initial story started in "A Court of Thorns and Roses." There was laughter. There was crying. There was ugly depression curled up in my blanket trying to cope from the crying. I loved the answers that were given in this book and storylines wrapped up and was even more excited for the ones left to be answered in books to come.

A continuation of the story, but with the focus on different characters, exploring what the next step looks like after the war and in the voids left by it. This book tackles PTSD and depression in a way I wasn’t expecting and can be very immersive with it at times. It also looks into the strength of self, of love, of friendship. Multiple characters learn how to be strong even when they thought they were weak, or had lost too much of themselves. Excellent story.

Witches, seven deadly sins personified, demons, ancient curses and a string of murders. Plus some suspicious priests and some hiding shapeshifters. This book has a bit of everything, and talks about food in the main character’s family restaurant enough to make my mouth water more than once. Set in Italy in the 19th century, this book does an excellent job of bringing everything to life, feeling like it could have really happened while still immersing you in the fantasy of the tale. First book in a trilogy.

This was one I almost didn’t finish. The premise was so strong, a dark fae from an alternate dimension of sorts, coming to earth to use his magic to make bargains with people that would have to be paid back however he deemed fit? Finding a siren who racks up enough debt to fill up a lifetime only for him to disappear and show back up seven years later to start collecting? It was intriguing, and the world building was interesting. This book flips back and forth between the characters meeting seven years ago.

Who doesn't love a story of revenge where the jerk gets what's coming to him? Add in a handsome new guy to worship the ground you walk on, who encourages you to be your most extra self, and it takes place during Christmas?! This was a winner all around.

While this was not my favorite Hades and Persephone retelling, the world was absolutely fascinating. The magic and explanations of the gods were delightful even if some things weren't as believable as others. I liked the way little nods to the mythos were worked into the story, too. This series also has books from Hades’ point of view so you can get both sides of the story.

Have I mentioned I enjoy retellings? This is a Peter Pan story, only he's a bad guy and Wendy falls in love with Hook. Don't we all after “Once Upon a Time” though? There's a modern criminal underworld spin with murder and drug dealings, but this is another retelling that does a great job weaving in elements of the familiar story.

Alex Volkov is my favorite kind of villain. He would burn down everything for his Ava, and who doesn't want that kind of devotion? Sure he's a bit of a psychopath, stalker, and believes in blackmail but it is hard not to love him.