Request for Proposal Interior Decoration Services at Basin City Library

Mid-Columbia Libraries (MCL) is accepting proposals to provide interior decoration services at the Basin City Library, 50 N Canal Blvd A, Mesa, WA 99343.

Deadline for submittal of questions: 5:00 pm, Friday, April 19, 2024. MCL reserves the right to modify scope and requirements for RFP up until 5:00 pm, Tuesday, April 16, 2024. 

Deadline for Submission of Proposal: 5:00 pm, Thursday, April 25, 2024. Selected proposal must be ready to proceed on award of contract.

Copies of floor plans can be requested by contacting Erin Meneely at (509) 737-6344 or


Proposals should be addressed to: Erin Meneely, Associate Director - Operations and may be transmitted by mail to:

Mid-Columbia Libraries

Attn: Associate Director - Operations – ART RFP

405 S. Dayton, Kennewick, WA 99336

or by email to:


Scope of Services


To provide comprehensive interior decoration services using an agricultural theme for the Basin City Library, broken out into the following elements:

1.    Feature – The fabrication and installation of a mural depicting farm land and fields reflective of locally grown crops, featuring a durable, hard material, suspended or ceiling/wall mounted, proportionately scaled animal, specifically an anthropomorphic juvenile pig flying a crop duster airplane. These pieces would be installed in the alcove of the children’s area. The curved alcove features four windows measuring approximately 76” H x 32” W, installed approximately 12” below the ceiling and approximately 24” above the floor, with approximately 25” of wall space between them. The windows are to be covered with a translucent window treatment consistent with the farm land scene of the mural. The floor to ceiling measurement is approximately 113”. 

2.    Secondary art – The fabrication and installation of two durable, hard material, ceiling/wall mounted proportionately scaled agricultural elements/birds around the top of the columns near the center of the library.  Total height of the secondary installation is between 24 and 30 inches. 

The agricultural design elements should feature some, if not all of the following colors: Pantone 3015 and 3115. The accents of all art pieces should feature the following colors: Pantone 1795, 1225, and 583. 


Successful contractor will work directly with the Executive Director and staff to develop a comprehensive design vision that is whimsical and imaginative.


Proposal shall include the following:

1.    Research and sourcing that documents the research, description of the procurement and fabrication of each of the above listed elements.

2.    Detailed drawings showing proposed design plans.

3.    Describe project management of services, both onsite and offsite, in order to ensure successful fabrication and installation of pieces. Identify key personnel who will be assigned to the project to handle client interface, manage vendors, contractors & artists, attend construction progress meetings and maintain project schedule as related to the interior design scope and accountabilities.

4.    Timeline for installations and oversight of installations.

5.    Price quote for all services, materials and artwork, including installation.



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