When Books Aren't Enough

When Books Aren't Enough

A list by Shellby, Customer Service Specialist

Sometimes I don't have the patience for a book, so I watch documentaries instead.


A beautiful and creative look into the life of Maurice Sendak. This was directed by Spike Jonze before he made "Where the Wild Things Are" into a movie.

This didn't stop me from watching Tom Cruise movies, but he's on thin ice.

After the tragic passing of both Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, this documentary shines brighter than you think it would.

Gilda Radner is a light that is surely missed from this world, and I only appreciate her more after watching this.

I didn't think I would be so invested in this film, but ten minutes in and I was hooked. Anyone could get sucked into this documentary.

A realistic look into the often mystified legend of Kurt Cobain.

I cried for 20 minutes after watching this, and I am not ashamed to admit that.

Not to add fuel to the Gallagher vs. Gallagher decade-long feud, but Liam Gallagher, based on sheer entertainment value alone, is the better brother and this documentary proves it.

Even though I am a lifelong Joan Jett fan, this documentary had so much that I didn't know about her it was definitely worth a watch.

This totally changed my opinion on the band Rush for the better. A definite watch for any music fan. A man at some point says "Yakima" strangely.

A nostaligic look back on a once great record empire.

Many people I admire are fans of Lester Bangs so I assumed I would also be a fan of him myself. I was wrong.

A wonderful documentary about film scores and their composers. I came for the Nine Inch Nails appearance but stayed for the Hans Zimmer praise from other composers.