The Fun, the Sad, and the Cautionary Tales: A List of Memoirs

The Fun, the Sad, and the Cautionary Tales: A List of Memoirs

A list by Shellby, Customer Service Specialist
September 14th, 2019

Living vicariously through autobiographies is one way that I like to live my life. I've learned way too much by reading the lives of other people.


If you liked "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," then you'll love this book. Ferguson's humor translates perfectly to written format.

My brother and I love learning anything we can about the inner workings of Scientology, and we couldn't stop talking about this book for weeks.

Kennedy's oddball and slightly annoying personality make for endlessly entertaining tale of what it was like being a VJ for MTV in the '90s.

A perfectly funny book that I could not put down. I recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Tina Fey's book "Bossy Pants."

Much like Cheryl Strayed's "Wild," this reflective and deeply personal journey is disguised as a travel book.

I must admit that while reading this some of the stories seemed pointless. I would think, "Why is he telling us this?" and then I reached the end of the book... The ending so perfectly tied in all the stories and lessons Peart gave us along the way. I ended up closing the book with great certainty that I had learned a great deal from Mr. Peart.

After discovering Anthony Bourdain this past March during quarantine, I decided to read his first novel. It's not hard to see why people loved this man so dearly and the world rocked by his sudden passing. He was easily one of the most compelling people to explore the world all in the name of a good meal.

Flea's memoir let me know that there are certain things about childhood that are nearly universal no matter the generation. His life has been wild since the start, but he's a human like the rest of us and he shows us his truest self in these pages.

I'm glad Lisa Brennan-Jobs turned out okay because her parents kinda suck.

An honest and very humorous but that can be expected from Whitney Cummings. Definitely not for everyone but her openness and vulnerability really made this book stand out to me.

I think this book is the definition of this lists title: the fun, the sad, and the cautionary tales.

If you haven't seen "Ask a Mortician" on YouTube, you should definitely check her out after reading this book.

Blonde woman from GLOW get out of my head.

Ms. Peterson has really lived a full life. Also, her parent's really let her do that, huh?

Puts a new perspective on a beloved childhood sitcom.